We help businesses generate quality leads and customers through Facebook, Google & LinkedIn advertising. 

Red Chameleon Media is a premium direct response digital marketing agency working with local business owners and enterprise companies. 

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Gain Control Of Your Business Growth – Easily Add New Customers Every Month Predictably, Reliably, and Sustainably With A Positive ROI

Are you the owner of a business looking for a reliable, predictable, and sustainable way to generate new customers every month?  

Are you tired of wasting time and money on outdated methods to get new customers? Relying heavily on referrals, and just don’t know where your next customer is coming from? Are you just not seeing the ROI that you want to see?  

We specialize in ROI driven lead generation systems that allow you to generate new customers on demand.  

If you want to implement a measurable system into your business, where you know down to the dollar amount how much it costs you to generate new customers, then schedule a call with us today to see if you qualify!

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"I highly recommend working with Sean. He is an excellent communicator, very diligent & passionate about his work."  

- Iryna Sulim Relationship Coach

Our Process

Strategy Development

Every business is a little bit different, so we work with our clients on a one to one basis to develop a lead generation strategy that is ideal for their business. This is where a lot of the heavy lifting is done, and we set up the needed systems from end to end to ensure that everything runs smoothly for your business. On top of that we work with you to determine goals and targets for your lead generation campaign that would ensure that you get a Return On Investment.

Lead Generation

The lifeblood of achieving new customer growth within your business is generating leads predictably, reliably, and sustainably in a cost effective manner. We specialize in creating systems for businesses that generate high quality, converting leads, that turn in to new customers on demand. From simple to complex, our lead generation funnels are designed with ROI in mind so you know exactly what your return on investment is every time.

Tracking and Measuring

Possibly the most important part of the process is knowing your numbers. Without them, there is no way to achieve predictable growth in your business. We work with you before the campaign to set goals, and at every step of the way to make sure we’re on top of the numbers and hitting targets. This is where we’re able to work with our clients to create truly measurable, scalable, and predictable lead generation systems where you know what your Return On Investment is for every dollar you invest.

Learning Center

Generating 700 SaaS Leads

Through multiple rounds of testing we found a LinkedIn ad formula generating high quality leads for our Saas Business coach partner. Learn how we did it. 

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New Coaching Clients

A few tips and tricks that we use when setting up tests for coaching services, finding audiences, and converting clicks to conversions with digital ads.

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