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If you're a business owner looking to make paid ads a reliable (and more importantly profitable) customer acquisition channel, then you've come to the right place.  

We get it, you just want to focus on what you do best in your business, and learning how to use all the marketing channels available to businesses these days isn't what you look forward to every day. But seeing how these channels integrate with each other to create booming growth for businesses is what we geek out on!  

At Red Chameleon Media, we're dedicated to helping business owners create the systems and processes needed to add new marketing channels to their acquisition plan. 

About Red Chameleon Media

I have been in the digital marketing space since 2015, and have worked in a variety of B2C and B2B industries including pay per call, e-commerce, health & wellness, financial advising, insurance, SaaS, nonprofits, environmental and contractor services. I have spent over $5Million in digital advertising across premium ad networks including; Facebook, Google, Youtube, Yahoo Gemini and LinkedIn. I am Adskills Certified and a former media buyer of several industry leading ad networks.  

MISSION: We strive to help business owners and entrepreneurs generate high quality leads and sales through Facebook, Google and LinkedIn advertising, so that they increase revenues, never stress the up and down client cycle and build a consistent pipeline of premium prospects.  

HOW WE DO THIS: We provide a custom Media Planning and Buying service that breaks down the sales funnel from start to finish and outlines the necessary elements needed to achieve measurable results from the most appropriate traffic sources.  

PROCESS: 1. Reviewing the current sales funnels and channels to see what is/isn't working. 2. Create Your Media Plan - Identifying the customer personas and competition, targeting, messaging, and funnel metrics needed to drive quality prospects into the sales funnel. 3. Testing & Buying Strategy - Design and implement trackable tests that leverages the premium targeting of Facebook & LinkedIn to generate optimized results in the business. 4. Reporting & Optimization - Review the data and reports from the tests run and optimize the best performers for efficient growth and return 

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