Google and Facebook Case Studies

See how online advertising & sales funnels can help grow your business.  

After working with 100s of ad campaigns and generating 1,000s of leads and sales... we’ve developed a standard testing process to generate more leads, calls and sales for your organization. 

The core elements of an effective campaign include: the offer that solves a pain point and provide real value, powerful targeting, quality creatives, high converting landing pages and expert campaign techniques.

Winning With Pay Per Call: Generating Over 100,000 Calls at $9.50 Per Connected Call with over $982,962.81 in Spend on YouTube


To leverage YouTube as a strategic advertising channel for driving phone call leads, aiming for a target cost of $10 per call after the click-through to the landing page.

The objective was to generate interest among users through captivating ads, leading to a favorable ad CTR and eventual calls to the client's call center for further engagement and sales.


Utilizing the 3x3 testing approach, we crafted multiple video ad assets featuring diverse intro hooks, speeds, lengths, visuals, and calls to action. Concurrently, various landing pages and funnels were developed to optimize the click-through rate and encourage users to initiate phone calls.

Our YouTube campaigns were thoroughly configured with appropriate settings, including max conversions, mobile-only, age targeting, and placement exclusions.

Extensive testing and optimization cycles allowed us to identify the most effective ad and landing page combinations, facilitating scaling with target metrics and costs.  


In the first 6 months of the year we successfully achieved over 100,000 calls with a cost of $9.50 per connected call, backed by a substantial spend of $982,962.81 on YouTube.

Additionally, ensured that cost per closing call remained under $30, yielding an overall ROI of 30%. Notably, top YouTube placements and winning ad and landing page combinations acted as the driving factors for campaign success.

LeadGen Wins: $13 CPAs On Facebook Lead Generation, Spending Over $57,000


To generate leads on Facebook with a target cost of $18 per lead or less. The focus was on capturing user interest and guiding them to complete a comprehensive multi-page questionnaire form to qualify leads effectively for the client.


Employing the 3x3 testing methodology, we developed a variety of static image and video ad assets, each with unique ad copy, headlines, angles, hooks, imagery, and calls to action.

Several landing pages were designed, ranging from single-page layouts to mini-pre-approval questionnaires. Precise targeting, with max conversions and demographic segmentation, was employed for data gathering.

Extensive rounds of testing and optimization enabled us to identify winning ad-landing page combinations, ultimately facilitating scaling with desired cost outcomes.


Generated 4,319 qualified leads at an average cost of $13.28 per lead. The strategy's success stemmed from the use of unique user-generated content (UGC) images and videos, achieving the desired ad CTR and CPC.

Additionally, the landing page click-through rate reached 40%, ensuring an optimized conversion rate. Patience proved crucial, allowing the winning ads to gain traction and observe reduced CPM and CPC.

Driving Sales and Spending $705,828.35 On Facebook for an Ecommerce Partner


To expand daily sales volume for an e-commerce health client through Facebook advertising campaigns.


Implementing the 3x3 testing approach, we created various static image and video ad assets with distinctive ad copy, headlines, angles, hooks, imagery, and calls to action.

Multiple landing pages were deployed, including sales/offer pages, testimonial blog-style layouts, and review pages.

Precise targeting encompassed demographic segmentation and interest categories, alongside max conversions for data gathering.

Iterative testing and optimization allowed for audience and performance segmentation, leading to the identification of winning ad-landing page combinations, essential for scaling while maintaining target costs.  


Achieved a cost of $40 per sale with a total spend of $705,828.35 on Facebook. The strategy's success relied on the use of ads featuring unique user-generated content (UGC) images and videos, yielding the desired ad CTR and CPC.

The narrative-style testimonial landing page boasted a remarkable 35%+ CTR, resulting in an optimized conversion rate. Patience again played a pivotal role, allowing the winning ads to build engagement and momentum to experience a decline in CPM and CPC.

YouTube and Google E-commerce: $237,105.87 In Adspend Across Search, Pmax, and Youtube.


To drive sales for a health vertical partner at a target cost of under $50 per sale through Google Search, Performance Max, and YouTube ads.


3x3 testing approach, we developed a range of video ad assets, each featuring unique hooks, headlines, angles, and video footage (UGC, ingredients, user benefits, testimonials) and calls to action. Winning landing pages were utilized from previous testing on facebook.

The campaigns were meticulously set up with desktop and mobile targeting, open placements and interest targeting, and age segmentation based on facebook data.

Rigorous testing and optimization cycles facilitated the identification of winning ad results achieving desired ad ctrs, cpcs and cpms, paving the way for scaling while maintaining target costs per sale.


Achieved a total spend of $237,105.87 with an average CPA of $40. Success was attributed to a patient approach, of intro hook testing and ad testing, allowing winning ads to gain traction and observe a decline in CPM and CPC, ultimately leading to resounding success.

"Sean came to me through a recommendation from a friend. The very first call we had (it was an hour) I immediately felt very comfortable to open up to what my needs where in regards to marketing my business. He has this unique quality of putting people at ease.  

Sean has gone extra mile & assisted me more than I even expected. Sean was fully invested with his whole heart into our project together.  

He followed up with detailed emails & video explanations on how things work, & I fully felt we were a team.  

Sean helped me to create Facebook marketing campaign & Google campaign, which brought me several high paid clients in just two months.  

I highly recommend working with Sean. He is an excellent communicator, very diligent & passionate about his work." - Iryna Sulim Relationship Coach