LinkedIn Case Studies

See how online advertising & sales funnels can help grow your business.  

After working with 100s of ad campaigns and generating 1,000s of leads and sales... we’ve developed a standard testing process to generate more leads, calls and sales for your organization. 

The core elements of an effective campaign include: the offer that solves a pain point and provide real value, powerful targeting, quality creatives, high converting landing pages and expert campaign techniques.  

Premium SaaS Business Coach Attracts 700+ Leads & 250+ Scheduled Calls With LinkedIn

This High Ticket Business Coach for SaaS Businesses needed to attract qualified Owners & Founders for their high level Coaching Program.

Due to the high-ticket price tag, prospects often need multiple touchpoints before making a purchase. Therefore, we are running a lead generation campaign to attract interested prospects using a powerful lead magnet funnel that directly calls out a major pain point of SaaS Business owners.

Once the prospects download the lead magnet they are offered an opportunity to schedule a growth session call and speak to a specialist.  

These leads are filtered into 2 different groups based on MRR and automatically added to follow-up email campaigns and receive regular updates about the product and benefits that can help them. Then, the sales team will reach out to the prospect directly, who is now familiar with the product's benefits and ready for a sales conversation.  

We are attracting leads through a multi-step LinkedIn Lead Gen Funnel and targeting the most qualified SaaS Founders and Owners.  

Results: The premium targeting LinkedIn campaigns we created for our SaaS Coaching client have generated over 700 high quality SaaS founder leads in 5 months at a cost per lead of $59 and of these leads over 270 of them have scheduled a growth session call with the SaaS coaching team. 

New Beer Technology Captures 60+ Qualified Prospects Ready For Pricing Using LinkedIn

This New Restaurant Technology was looking to reach qualified restaurant and brewery owners to provide their beer tap technology.

We helped set up a LinkedIn advertising strategy utilizing LinkedIn Lead Form ads and leveraging LinkedIn’s powerful professional targeting capabilities.  

The campaigns were designed to drive interested restaurant and brewery owners into the pipeline to identify projects and opportunities for this new self serve beer technology.  

Through our LinkedIn Media Planning process, we helped identify their unique product benefits that set them apart from the competition and developed key messaging to highlight their specialized technology.

Using LinkedIn LeadForm Ads, we created campaigns targeting restaurant, brewery, and hospitality decision makers in their selected industries... such as Owners, CFOs, and Food & Beverage Directors.

Results: These LinkedIn LeadForm campaigns helped them attract 30+ new qualified prospects/month for cold traffic at an efficient $39/lead!  

Cloud Migration Consultants Build High Quality Lead Pipeline of Government & Utility CTOs Using LinkedIn

A highly experienced Cloud Migration Consultant was looking to reach qualified Chief Technology Officers and Network Administrators within Government Agencies and Utility companies in the United States.

  After reviewing their services and portfolio we helped set up a LinkedIn advertising strategy utilizing LinkedIn Lead Form ads and leveraging LinkedIn’s powerful professional targeting capabilities. We set up campaign tests focused around their target industries and ideal decision making prospects. 

The client had developed a Cloud Migration Guide to be used as a Lead Magnet opt-in in exchange for prospect information. Using the powerful professional targeting of LinkedIn and lead magnet offer the campaigns were designed to drive Chief Technology Officers & Senior Network Administrators within utilities and government agencies into their sales pipeline.  

The Results: In past several months after rounds of testing we have been delivering Qualified CTOs and Senior Network Admins in the target industries into the sales pipeline at an average cost of $85.00 per lead through LinkedIn LeadForms.  

The specific targeting and lead magnet offer have been bringing qualified decision makers into the sales pipeline including:  

  • Senior SCCM Administrator - Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
  • Chief, Data Processing Division - Us Property and Fiscal Off
  • Senior Technical Consultant - Georgia Department of Education
  • IT Operations Client Services Supervisor - City of Orlando
  • Sr. Systems Engineer - Travis County

No other advertising platform can offer the high powered professional targeting of LinkedIn. If you are seeking a specialized job title or seniority within a specific industry you should be considering LinkedIn paid traffic.  


Relationship Coach Iryna Sulim Added Over 200 New Leads To Her Email List For $0.82/ Lead & Closed 2 New Deals In Just 2 Months Using Facebook And Google Ads

Iryna Sulim provides relationship coaching services & courses for men and was looking to reach grow her email list and gain more clients for her business.  

After reviewing her business goals we decided Facebook and Google would be her best traffic sources for growing her needs. We set up a Facebook advertising strategy that provided a mini video series for men looking to gain relationship advice and provided an email capture funnel flow. 

We also set up Google campaigns to test specific keywords within her industry to capture intent drive leads. The campaigns were designed to drive targeted men seeking her advice and services into her email pipeline and facebook group. From here Iryna could nurture the leads providing more value and look to set up sales calls with her prospects.  

The Results: In just 2 months of testing on a low ad budget we were able to drive 200+leads into the email list at an average cost of $0.82 per lead through the Facebook advertising campaign. In addition she has closed 2 new clients with the help of the google search campaigns on just $200 of adspend.  

"Sean came to me through a recommendation from a friend. The very first call we had (it was an hour) I immediately felt very comfortable to open up to what my needs where in regards to marketing my business. He has this unique quality of putting people at ease.  

Sean has gone extra mile & assisted me more than I even expected. Sean was fully invested with his whole heart into our project together.  

He followed up with detailed emails & video explanations on how things work, & I fully felt we were a team.  

Sean helped me to create Facebook marketing campaign & Google campaign, which brought me several high paid clients in just two months.  

I highly recommend working with Sean. He is an excellent communicator, very diligent & passionate about his work." - Iryna Sulim Relationship Coach